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Shaanxi Xingsheng Metals Co., Ltd.

Shannxi XingSheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd is one of the largest enterprises in Titanium industry , company was establishment in 2005. Our company located at Baoji city Shannxi province China , we have occupied area about 11180 sqm , workshop 3220 sqm and composite office building 3150 sqm. Our company already have 1.5T , 6T , 10T Vacuum electric furnace facilities and major mechanical processing facilities , Our company is specialized for titanium material melting and processing integrating production-oriented enterprises . The main products related: titanium and alloy , titanium ingots, titanium plates, titanium tubes, titanium bars, titanium wires and etc . Company from independent produce products to scale, network sales building to make a certain extent competitiveness predominance. Products already distributed in to Europe, America, Japan , South Korea , Malaysia and etc . Company not only has the advanced hardware facilities of considerable scale, but also has a complete Research and Development capabilities ,which is going to be one of the most dynamic enterprise of Baoji Titanium Industry . Corporation in succession acquire Production licenses auditing and acquisition ISO 9001-2008 certification for quality control systems, company for the purpose of brand, scale , international ceaselessly forward . Processing system Research and Development , Diagnosed Localization, scheme programming , at alive "human first , quality second" is the enterprise major theme ideology , to conform management mode be provided with XINGSHENG characteristic culture , to build top-ranking XINGSHENG brand establish substantial foundation . Export turnovers: 1.5million USD Skype:tony-metal98 MSN:

  • Semi-manufactured products, zinc, titanium and their alloys
  • Titanium and titanium alloy ingots and billets
  • Titanium and titanium alloy bars...
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