Shanghai Jiuxie Machinery Co.,Ltd.

No. 1, Yihua Road
Pudong 201201

Company informations Shanghai Jiuxie Machinery Co.,Ltd.


We are a professional manufacturer of the Precision machining parts in china, We mainly produce machine parts,  welding parts, bending parts and casting parts. Our parts are used  on automation production lines, hi-techsicentific machines, packing machines, medical machines  and optical machines etc. Our precision parts are exported  to United States ,Europe,Japan etc. At the mean time, we also provide serivce for purchasing electrical parts and assembly work for our customers.
Our products:
Custom precision parts
Aluminium milling parts exporter 
Turning parts manufacturer
CNC milling parts
Lathing parts from Shanghai
China made custom machine parts
Mechanical parts
Precision machining parts
CNC machining parts
Stainless steel machine parts
Stainless steel welding parts
Carbon steel parts
Steel precision parts
6061 precision parts exporter
CNC precision parts
CNC turning parts
OEM precision parts
Sheet metal parts production
Metal bending parts
Carbon steel bending parts
OEM parts as per your drawings
Aluminium parts machining
Precision gear parts
Bronze precision parts
Copper machining parts
Alloy steel precision parts
Anodizing alumium parts
Quatz parts production
Ceramic precision parts
Titanium machining parts
Plastic mechanical parts
Peek machining parts exporter
PA precision parts supplier
Machine parts assembly
China made industrial robot parts
Machine parts for food packing machine
Jigs and fixtures
Precision parts for medical machines
Alumium casting parts
Steel casting parts
Metal welding parts
High quality stainless steel welding parts
SUS304 precision parts
SUS316 milling parts
5052 CNC milling parts
6082 CNC turning parts
45# Carbon steel welding parts
17-4PH precision parts
Mechanical parts production
Custom machine parts
Screwing fixing equipment assembly
Sheet metal welding table
Roll forming machine assembly
Robotic arms for auto production line
Measuring equipments

General Information

Year established 2010
Co.Registration No 913101075574894722
Corporate capital 500,000 RMB
Type of company Head Office


Area : North America, West. Europe, Worldwide
Country : Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States

Key figures Shanghai Jiuxie Machinery Co.,Ltd.


  • Company

    28 Employees


  • 2017

    13,800,000 RMB

  • 2016

    10,000,000 RMB

  • 2015

    6,000,000 RMB

Executives Shanghai Jiuxie Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Executive information

  • wang Miaofen

    Export Director/Manager

  • Mr. Shemin Zhao



  • Mr. Gu Xiuying

    Depot Manager


  • Mr. Ding Xiaoye

    Export Director/Manager

    Chinese, English

  • Ms. Wang Limei

    Export Director/Manager

    Chinese, English

Products Shanghai Jiuxie Machinery Co.,Ltd.

1267 products

1267 products