Power Pack (SJ-1155) of Sejin E&E ,co.


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Description of the Product

The electric precipitator consists of an Ionizing part, a Collecting cell part .
This method is called as a double stage electric charge method. An ionizing part
grants a High Voltage (DC 10KV~12KV) and makes an electric field, which ionizes
pollutants. Also a collecting part is formed to collect pollutants by providing a cell
High Voltage (DC 5~6KV) to the collecting part. This can eliminate 0.01 ㎛ particles
dust and can be considered as the best way with more than 97% of efficiency.

**Price : 80USD 

Detail : 
  • InPut Voltage : AC 220~230V 50/60Hz/30w,50w,75W
  • Output Voltage : Collector DC5~6kv Adjustment
  • Ionizer DC 10~12 kv adjustment 
  • Application: Air cleaner, ESP for dust, Oil mist, Smoke,Smog etc
  • Size: 175x83x50mm

Price of the Product

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