BPA Free Reusable Silicone Kids Water Bottles Colorful Tumblers of MSC Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Introducing the Creator
"Eeeek" has communicated with consumers through various channels over the past three years.
Not only 'Tumbluck', but also 'Seoul Living Design Fair', 'Seoul International Children's Education Exhibition', 'Seoul Design Festival', 'Vietnam International Children's Education Exhibition' and 'Shanghai International Children's Education Exhibition' from kids to adults, it was a chance to listen to many stories.
Eeeek Brand Story
All silicon products are safe products certified as 'FDA'.
Eeeek product
Eeeek is a Korean brand that is being exported and growing to many countries including Denmark, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. All products are produced in Korea.
Eeeek Silicone Tumbler
“Can't one tumbler use both a hot drink and a cold drink?”
Cold-tumblers are not allowed to use hot drinks using only straws.
Hot-tumbler drinks are less likely to drink with your mouth than with a straw.
I wanted to make up for the pros and cons and make a product that I wanted to use more.
Hot drinks and cold drinks (straws) are available.
Depending on the content, it can be used as a hot cup cold cup.
You can turn the cork and drink it with a straw or mouth.
The character has a cute form that blocks the hole in the tumbler.
You can mix them according to your mood by using a dinosaur, shark, and bear-shaped cork.
Body (6 colors), cover (6 colors), and cork (3 types) can be combined in 36 different cork and streams in color.
Product characteristics
Available in -40 to 250 degrees
Microwave oven (not direct), available in refrigerator dishwasher.
The capacity is 490ml (Grande 475ml)
Available as a hot cup cold cup.
The cover (top) does not come out when pressed by hand.
Available in the vehicle cup holder.
Color combination
A total of 36 color combinations are possible.
Three types of cork are included as a base for more combinations.
Body and cover colors can be combined to select.
Cork includes three kinds of dinosaurs, sharks, and bears.
The color of the product may differ from the color of the monitor.
It is made of the same material as Silicon Straw and has been certified as 'FDA' and 'CE'.
product configuration
1.Tumbler Configuration
Body (Color Selection) + Cover (Color Selection) + 3 types of cork (Dinosaur, Shark, Bear)
A total of 36 kinds of combinations are available.
Color: Blue, red, yellow, gray, green, purple (body, cover, same)
The color of the product may differ from the color of the monitor.
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From 10.00 USD
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Characteristics of the Product

  • Brand Eeeek
  • Origin South Korea