BPA Free Reusable Eco Friendly Colorful Silicone Kids Straws of MSC Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Eco-Friendly Silicone Straws

Made of high-class platinum catalyst,

Can be sterilized with microwave or boiling water
200x7 (external)x5(internal)mm / Fish, Duck, Dino
240x8(external)x6(internal)mm / Cat, Shark


Silicone Straw

As increasing interest in disposable straw,
this product is shared with people through crowd- funding.

How to wash

1. Just Wash with water
2. Wash out using straw brush
3. Put in biling water for few minutes
4. Put in sterilizer

Packing Information
3 small straws(Green, Red, Yellow) = 1 set / 2 long straws(pink, blue) = 1set


Product ready for delivery

Price and payment

From 1.70 AED
  • Bank transfer
  • Letter of Credit

Characteristics of the Product

  • Brand Eeeek
  • Certification FDA
  • Origin South Korea