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Description of the Product

Bearing seals

Application: we manufacture bearing seals used in rolling bearings
Function: bearing seal, which protects against grease leakage from the bearing and against external contaminants entering the bearing
Material: high-quality NBR, HNBR, ACM, FKM rubber and steel for metal insert DC01, DC04, AIS 304, AISI 316. The type of rubber compound is selected for a particular bearing depending on the operating conditions of the bearing and the type of grease with which the bearing is filled.
Quality: We supply bearing seals for the first assembly to bearing manufacturers in whole Europe. We have been producing bearing seals since 1985. Production in accordance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. We also have ISO 14001 certification.
Assortment: diameter range 10 - 300 mm; contact and non-contact versions, 1-lip, 2-lip, 3-lip, multi-lip (cassette seal), with magnetic coder for ABS, with and without slinger, with spring (simmering)
Price: offer based on the inquiry
We are able to order bearing seals with dimensions and construction required by the customer.
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Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Těsnění ložisek
  • Dimension 10-300 mm
  • Certification ISO 9001; ISO 14001