Direct Marketing The precision tool tailored to your prospecting needs

The Direct Marketing offer is a formidable tool for pinpointing and deciding on your prospecting initiatives. You can leverage all its features to optimise the impact of your campaigns and receive top-notch support from database and marketing experts. All the elements are in place for guaranteed success.

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  • Our Direct Marketing solution
  • Customized
  • Personalised
  • Measurement
    of marketing actions

Our Direct Marketing solution

With the Direct Marketing offer, you can create bespoke acquisition campaigns. The benefits include high value-added services and personalised campaign advice, as well as the ability to analyse your return on investment precisely.

  • An outstanding database

    With the Direct Marketing offer, build your customised contact file and benefit from access to 11.6 million companies worldwide with over 13 million executive names. Cast a broader net to give power to your campaigns!

  • Personalisation is a priority

    With the Direct Marketing offer, drill down to create focused customisation on your e-mail and direct marketing campaigns. This ensures you will stand out from the competition and maximises the impact of your actions. Guarantee your gains in market share...

  • End-to-end handling of your initiatives


  • Optimum targeting

    With the Direct Marketing offer, you can use over 60 filters to help you identify your prospects: location, company size, financial data as well as business sector, products and services. Aim for your core target markets!

  • The multichannel advantage

    The Direct Marketing offer lets you implement a multichannel strategy, such as an e-mailing campaign combined with a follow-up phone call. Any combination is possible to optimise your ROI !


  • 'I want top-of-the-range advice for my direct marketing campaigns: it's not my area of expertise!'



  • 'I don't want my prospecting initiatives to be like those of my competitors!'



  • 'I'm looking for data lists that remain reliable over time and won't become out of date overnight.'



Direct Marketing advantages

  • 接近全球超过5百万企业
  • 一千三百万个企业负责人
  • Customized quote
  • Tailor-made campaign
  • E-mail campaigns: targeting, creation and dispatch
  • Post campaigns: targeting and direct mail
  • Enhance your contact files with Kompass data: phone, fax, NAF codes
  • Add SIRET numbers to your company files
  • Mail Checker to check your e-mail contact lists
  • Daily database updates
  • Average deliverability rate greater than or equal to 96%
  • Monitor open and click-through rates





- To customize campaigns

- 为了节省时间

- To get known


Our continued positive experience of working with Kompass has meant we can build targeted marketing lists, by downloading relevant emails and phone numbers, to create even more effective advertising campaigns.

José Antonio Denia - 产品管理主任

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