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Gyeonggi-do 435-010
South Korea

Company information 3RLab,Inc.


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#About company
There are a lot of kind of products in department store, when we would like to buying consumer prducts, we can get many kind of goods at department store easily.
But If a bride want to buying wedding dress to put on her most Special-day, She must be come by Fashion Designers'.
We know ,there are so many kinds of passive component in markets , But High Voltage Engineer would like to contact to High Voltage Expert.
3RLab,Inc. Has been developing and improving of only one way of Non-Inductive Ultra High Voltage High Energy Precision Resistors, with thick film , thicker film, composite technologies.
We are direct Manufacture.

#Main product: Non-Inductive Ultra High Voltage High Energy Precision Resistors
1) HTE Series : Type HTE; High Voltage Non-Inductive general setof requirements
2) HS Series : Type HS ; High Voltage Non-Inductive Low TCR, VCR Precision Resistors.
3) UT Series : Type UT ;Ultra High Voltage High Energy High Frequency Non-Inductive up to 150W, on Steady Selling Item
4) SVD series : Type SVD ; 3RLab produces SVD-series High Voltage Ultra StablePrecision Low TC High AccuracyDividers & Probe.
5) LTC Series : Type LTC ; Cylindrical Type Ultra Low TCR, VCR Non-Inductive High Voltage Resistors.
6) 3R-250 : Type 3R-250 : High Power 250Watt Max. RF,precision Non-Inductive Resistors



General Information

Year established 2000
Co.Registration No 124-81-74151
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 31 429 9127
Website http://3rlab.com/


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Key figures 3RLab,Inc.


  • On site

    20-49 Employees

  • Company

    20-49 Employees


  • 2015

    75 to 150 million KRW

  • 2014

    75 to 150 million KRW

  • 2013

    75 to 150 million KRW

Executives 3RLab,Inc.

Executive information

Don W. Lee

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

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