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Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
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Wenzhou Binqi Trade Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Hengtai Printing Packaging Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Dongfang Hydraulic Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Hongsheng Machinery Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Jialong Industry Sewing Equipment Co. Ltd.

Shaoxing Xingjie Machinery Factory

Fujian Younengda Photoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Dongyang Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd.

Qixing Machinery Co. Ltd.

Foshan Wulian Electro- Technical Machinery Co. Ltd.

Chizhou Changsheng Car Wood Factory

Hangzhou Zhizu Industry & Trade Co. Ltd.

Jingjiang Dongyuan Testing Machinery Factory

Yuhuai Metal Marking Equipment Co. Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Shenma Elec-Mach Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Jiaerni Electric Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Sea-Horse Textile Machine Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Kejin Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd.

Zhoushan Xinzhou Fishmeal Equipment Factory

Xuzhou Tianjiao Electronic Machinery Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Jisen Presion Machinery Co. LTD.

Ningbo Xinzhou Welding Equipment Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Sheyang Kelin Textile Machinery Factory

Anhui Zhongke Electric Antomation Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Jinsanyang Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.

Anqing Huimei Brush Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Xinda Group Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Huayuan Economic & Trade Group Co. Ltd.

Shaoxing Xinfeng Purification Equipment Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang Minda Machinery Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Libang Tool Co. Ltd.

Xuzhou Henghui Braiding Machine Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Hongmaoyang Machinery Co. Ltd.

Jiangyin Hongduan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Zhujin Metal Factory

Wenzhou Xingcheng Technology Co. Ltd.

Wuxi Jiajian Textile Machinery Factory

Dongguan Topson Machinery Technology Co. Ltd.

Huai'an Senyuan Textile Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Kepeida Ultrasonic Engineering Equipment Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Shengtuo International Trade Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Boao Microwave Equipment Co. Ltd.

Jiangyin Yangzijiang Machine Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Mingdi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yayi Trade Co. Ltd.

Shengzhou Nanfeng Machinery Co. Ltd.

Changsha Yuanyang Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.

Changshu Textile Machinery Works Group Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Zhongshun Textile Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Yinhong Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.

Fuyao Coding Equipment Company

Wuxi Longli Yintie Equipment Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Qingchuan Machinery Co. Ltd.

Jingwei(Group) Jinzhong Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.

Eurasing Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Wuxi Hengyi Printing & Dyeing Machinery Factory

Nanjing Suqi Technology Co. Ltd.

Nantong Baisheng Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Hongfa Ind Trade Co. Ltd.

Yangzhou Haili Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Cixi Shasha Electric Appliance Parts Factory

Xiangyang Kelun Textiles Equipment Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Changyi Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.

Rui'an Feiyun Sewing Equipment Co. Ltd.

Dongguan ERS Machinery Co. Ltd.

Wuxi Hangxi Clean Equipment Factory

Shangyu Dongjia Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Botu Storage And Logistics Equipment Co. Ltd.

Yuyao Jiashun Machinery Co. Ltd.

Wuxi Yonghong Light Industry Machinery Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Weipeng Printing & Dyeing Machinery Co. Ltd.

Zhenjiang Jinlangchao Chemical Fibre Equipment Co. Ltd.

Tongling Jinlin Transport Equipment Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Hengbao Textile Dryes Machine Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Changhua Electric Plastic Co. Ltd.

Jiaozuo Zhenjieneng Dry Equipment R&D Co. Ltd.

Sinoleader Industries Group Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Suoya Machinery Technology Co. Ltd.

Shaanxi Xihang Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.

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