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Shanghai Internation Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Shidai Tianyuan Rencai Communication Center

China Younth Social Services Center

China Association of Poverty-Alleviation & Development

China Youth Development Foundation

Red Cross Society of China

Beijing Jiashijie Cleaning Service Co. Ltd.

Chongqing Hengda Vocational Rehabilitation Co. Ltd.

Xi'an International Medical Investment Company Limited

Zhejiang Jianzhong Maritime Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd. (Zhejiang Jianzhong Maritime Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd)


深圳市完美一生健康管理有限公司, Shenzhen perfect life health management co., LTD

Donggguan yongqi elelctric co.,Ltd

Wuhan Anygates Trading Co., Ltd, Anygates

Zhangjiagang Huaxin Medical Equipment Factory, HXY (HUAXIN MEDICAL)

Shandong Xiao Gou Pet Supplies Co., Ltd., Xiao Gou

Foshan Zink Sanitary Ware co., Ltd., ZINK

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