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Beijing Shsj Electronic Dapartment Co. Ltd.

Suizhou Xinyu Special-Purpose Automobile Co. Ltd.

Beijing Hao Xiang Tiancheng Technology Co. Ltd.

Daxin Stamping Plant

Xiaogan Hongxing Trading Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Haoyi Internation Trade Co. Ltd.

Beijing Taige Weiye Technology Dev Co. Ltd.

Yiwu Huapin Trade Co. Ltd.

Lianyungang Kunze Imp & Exp Trade Co. Ltd.

Beijing Dingsheng Bang'an S&T Co. Ltd.

Rui'an Ruigong Electro-acoustic Equipment Factory

Anxin Jiahe (Beijing) Electronic Science Technoligies Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Boruisen Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Xiangfan Haite Electronic Co. Ltd.

Hunan Jing'an Traffic S&T Co. Ltd.

Suizhou Daxing'an Automobile Trade Co. Ltd.

Xiangfan Zhuri Electronics Co. Ltd.

Beijing Xinyuanyu Science & Trade Co. Ltd.

Beijing New Century Electronical Monitoring Co. Ltd.

Beijing Longguang Century S&T Development Co. Ltd.

Yongkang Yiyu Trade Co. Ltd.

Xuzhou Anda Engineering Machinery Factory

Huangshan Longtan Fire Hose Co. Ltd.

Yongkang Global Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd.

Hefei Yingnaji Business Trade Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang Yiwu Shuaili Lock Factory

Wenming Hardware Trade Co. Ltd.

Hongcai Smartirs (Beijing) S&T Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Hefeng Kitchenware Co. Ltd.

Changsha Keming Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Xiandao Video S&T (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Beijing Eastentry Electronic Products Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Jinpeng Internation Imp. & Exp. Trade Co. Ltd.

Changsha Yetongda Monitor Technology Co. Ltd.

Suizhou Wangpai Auto Machinery Co. Ltd.

Xiamen Lihong Industry & Trade Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Yuandong Foreign Traded Co. Ltd.

Wenzhou Ocean Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.

Zhuzhou Hongji Tieke Industrial Co. Ltd.

Zhenjiang Xinmei Imp & Exp Trade Co. Ltd.

Cixi Minda Electric Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Rui'an Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Tico Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Yueyang Huaxiang Technology Co. Ltd.

Yuyao Shengkangda Electric Appliance Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Yenyu Technology Ind Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Guanchi Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Changyuanhaidu Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Sinotech Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

AnteTec Technologies Ltd.

Xinxiang Yutong Industrial Pumps Plant

Tiantai Fengruichen Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd.

The 10th China International Consumer Goods Fair June 8-11, 2011 Ningbo Zhejiang China

Wenzhou Xibolun Intelligent Electronics Co. Ltd.

Suizhou Boshi Special Automobile Co. Ltd.

Beijing Shengtang Yuanda S&T Development Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Dakang Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd.

Nanchang Aimin Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Le'ao Science And Technology Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Qianfang Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

Yongkang Furi Industry & Trade Co. Ltd.

Beijing Kuangdai Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinhua Masite PPE Co. Ltd.

Beijing Global Huachang Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Sihong Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Xuzhou Futai Imp & Exp Trade Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Fama Technology Co. Ltd.

Wuxi Annuo Technology Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Yinzhou Gaoqiao Hewei Plastic Electrical Accessories Factory

Yongjia Weiketuo Power Fittings Co. Ltd.

Shenfang Technology Co. Ltd.

Yongjia County Qihong Pump & Valve Co. Ltd.

Ninghai Jingjiang Hardware Electric Factory

Jinhua Laierkang Electric Co. Ltd.

Hunan Dongya Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd.

Beijing Yitong Hengsheng Technology Co. Ltd.

Kunming Hengtongtai Economic & Trade Co. Ltd.

Suizhou Dadi Special-Purpose Automobile Co. Ltd.

Tonglu Hengrui Trade Company

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