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Qingdao FOSHI Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Foshi Plastic Products is a company mainly engaging in producing polyfluortetraethylene(PTFE or Teflon) and PP woven bags.The main products are PTFE sheet( PTFE skived sheet, PTFE molded sheet), PTFE rod, PTFE tube(PTFE pipe, PTFE hose), PTFE tape(PTFE seal tape, PTFE sealing tape), PTFE gasket, PTFE film(PTFE skived film), PTFE Coated Fabric Cloth, PTFE Adhesive Tapes, PTFE Conveyer Belt, PP woven bags, PP bulk bags etc.We have advanced technology and excellent equipments and produce the products strictly according to ISO9001 quality control system to provide the high quality plastic products with the competitive price.Many kinds of our products hold a big market share in the domestic and foreign markets. Qingdao Foshi GmbH besch鋐tigt sich mit der Forschung und Entwicklung von Gewebes鋍ken aus Polytetrafluor鋞hylen(PTFE) und Polypropylen (PP). Die Produkte sind vor allem PTFE-Platten, PTFE-Stangen, PTFE-Rohre, PTFE-B鋘der, PTFE-Folien, PTFE-Zwischenst點ke sowie PP-Gewebes鋍ke, PP-Gro遱鋍ke usw. Wir verf黦en 黚er moderne Technik und vorz黦liche Ausr黶tungen. Die Produktion wird gem溥 ISO9001 durchgef黨rt, damit Produkte aus Kunststoffen zu g黱stigen Preisen und guter Qualit鋞 angeboten werden k鰊nen. Unsere Erzeugnisse sind sowohl auf dem inl鋘dischen, als auch auf dem ausl鋘dischen Markt stark vertreten. La Compan韆 Foshi de Productos Pl醩ticos de Qingdao se dedica principalment a la producci髇 de PTFE y bolsas tejidas de PP. Los principales productos de PTFE son tablas,PTFE varillas,PTFE tubos, PTFE cintas, PTFE pel韈ulas y los de PP son bolsas tejidas y bolsas para contenedores, etc.. Poseemos la tecnolog韆 avanzada y excelentes equipos y realizamos tanto la administraci髇 como la producci髇 estrictamente de acuerdo con el sistema de control de calidad ISO 9001 para proporcionar los productos pl醩tico de alta calidad con precios competitivos. Muchos productos nuestros tienen una gran cuota en los mercados interiores y exteriores.

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SKF Economos China Co. Ltd. - Shanghai Branch

Delivery Programme, Import: Turned standard and special seals of plastic materials Due to our unique production process, we are able to manufacture almost every standard-, or special seal within shortest delivery times ... High performance sealing plastic materials Sealing materials are gaining more and more importance in the sealing technology because of demands on the quality of seal.. ECONOMOS(R) supplies 20 standard and more than 50 special materials ECOPUR(R) (TPU, green, thermoplastic polyurethane-elastomer) H-ECOPUR(R) (TPU, red, hydrolysis-resistant thermoplastic - polyurethane-elastomer) G-ECOPUR(R) (CPU, red, cast hydrolysis-resistant thermoplastic - polyurethane-elastomer) S-ECOPUR(R) (Polyurethane-elastomer with tribological - characteristics) T-ECOPUIR(R) (TPU, blue, thermoplastic polyurethane-elastomer, - deep temperature) ECORUBBER 1 (NBR, black, elastomer based on acrylonitrile- - butadiene rubber) ECORUBBER-H (H-N, black, hydrogenated acrylonitrile- - butadiene rubber) ECORUBBER 2 (FPM,FKM, brown, elastomer based - on fluororubber) ECORUBBER 3 /EPDM, black, elastomer based on ethylene- - propylene rubber) ECOSIL (MVQ, reddish brown, silicon rubber) ECOFLON 1 (PTFE-virgin, white, thermoplastic based on - polytetrafluorethylene) ECOFLON 2 (PTFE with fillers, grey, polytetrafluoroethylene - with 15% glass fibres and 5% MoS2) ECOFLON 3 (PTFE with fillers, bronze, polytetrafluoroethylene - with 40% bronze ECOFLON 4 (PTFE with fillers, black, polytetrafluoroethylene - 20% carbon) ECOTAL (POM, black, semi-crystalline polyacetals-copolymer) ECOMID (PA, black, cast polyamide) ECOPAEK (cream, polymer) Special grades as: - Tougher grades of ECOPUR(R) (high resistant polyurethane): - X-ECOPUR(R)-57D, XH-ECOPUR(R)-60D,XS-ECOPUR(R)-57D - the alternative to PTFE solutions Engineered plastics products using sophisticated machining techniques, we can produce both simple and complex components of engineered or advanced engineered plastic parts to either your or our design. Our long lasting experience in materials science helps us to produce the highest standard of seals for our customers, who are looking for the right solution for their specific application problem. Turn-key systems for producing seals and gaskets SEAL JET(R) CNC cutting plants for plastics WATER JET(R) cutting plants for plastics - Our state-of-the-art technology gives us and our partners superiority over - our competitors. - Under the trade names SEAL(R) and WATER JET(R) we offer proven turnkey - production systems of latest technology Traded Products: We supply a huge variety of trading components and products like o-rings, compact piston seals, radial shaft seals, guide rings, guide tapes, ..., ... Services: Please continue to use our services like our offer on water cutted gaskets, advanced on-site consulting, product and material development, media resistance tests, finite element analysis (FEA), aso,….

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Luyang Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd.

Luyang Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd., established in 1984, after more than double decades' struggle and effort, has been developed to be the biggest professional manufacturer of ceramic fiber products in Asia. The company, with total assets about 600 million RMB, has now about 2,200 employees, and occupies a space about one million square meters. Luyang has 8 subsidiary companies as Beijing Zhongnailian, Xinjiang Luyang, Guizhou Luyang, Qingdao Saidun, and Luyang Lightweight Shaped Steel, Luyang Optical Glass and also 56 offices all over China. Our products have about 100 different types of various shapes, such as bulk, blanket, felt, board, paper, cloth, rope, module, and castable etc. The annual production capability is about 100 thousand tons. Our products enjoys great popularity in more than 60 countries and areas all over the world, such as European Union, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan and so on. We have been achieving the largest sales volume among the same industries in China for 12 years in a row. For 20 years since establishing, Luyang has been insisting the developing guideline of "Seeking development on science and technology, seeking benefit on market", and developing the innovation activities to improve our advantage of scope, type, technology, and cost. All these make Luyang always ahead this industry, and make luyang win the social respect and the approbation from the government by the outstanding achievements. The company is recognized as The Biggest Production Base of Aluminum Silicate Refractory Fiber in China, The National High and New Technology Company, and The Main Company of The National New Material Industrialization Base. The brand of LUYANG is recognized to be the China Branding Business. The products of fiber with zirconium and ceramic fiber paper are authorized to be the National New Product. We take the first lead to pass the ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certificate, ISO14001 Environment Quality System Certificate among the same industries in China. We have achieved 42 technology patents and 28 technology achievements. We now became the genuine high technology, great-developing modernization corporation. Our main products: Ceramic Fiber Spun/Blowing Bulk Ceramic Fiber Blanket Ceramic Fiber Board Ceramic Fiber Paper Ceramic fiber felt Ceramic Fiber Module Soluble Fiber Blanket ramic Fiber Textile stable unshaped products llite Crystal Fiber ghtweight mullite brick reproof door panel replace itation wood alumina fiber module

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