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Jiaozuo Overseas International Travel Service Co. Ltd.

Beijing Shiji Luopan E-Commerce Co. Ltd.

Quanzhou Royal Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.

Shennongjia Hualangge Hotel Co. Ltd.

Jingzhou Hotel

Xiangtan Paragon Hotel

Binzhou Hotel Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Tongli Lakeview Hotel Co., Ltd.

Yongzhou Fanceden Hotel

Beijing Li'en Hotel Co., Ltd.

Luohe Pangdehong Trading Co. Ltd.

Wuhu Shunchang Ind Trade Co. Ltd.

Chongqing Yutong Hotel

Chongqing Haide Hotel

Inner Mongolia Huachen Hotel

Beijing Capital Tourism Co., Ltd.

China Diaoyutai International Travel Service

Sinopec. Group International Travel Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Zero-Seven Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Grand Holiday Hotel Co., Ltd.

Changsha Andi Exhibition & Performance Service Co. Ltd.

Hainan Treasure Island Hotel Group Co. Ltd.

Xi'an Tourism Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shenhua Holdings Co., Ltd.

Hebei China World Hotel

Xuchang Rebecca Hotel

Gansu Tianshui Peace Travel Agency Co. Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Xiangtuju Catering Chain Co. Ltd.


Chongqing New Century Cruise Co., Ltd.

Swissotel Beijing

Beijing Hilton

Nanchang Hongcheng Bldg. Co. Ltd.

Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai

Chaozhou Guest Hotel

Xili Hotel

Beijing Tongyuan International Travel Agency

Jingdezhen Hotel

Qingshanhu Hotel Co. Ltd.

Zhaoqing Overseas Chinese Building

Xinxing Hotel

Huarun Hotel Co. Ltd.

Tianranju Hotel

Nanjing Hotel

Anhui Tianji Hotel

Anhui Xuancheng Hotel

Jiuzishan Hotel

HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd.

China People Palace

Beijing Xiangeqing Group Co., Ltd.

China Hongqiao International Travel Co. Ltd.

China Air International Travel Agency

China Merchants International Travel Agency Co. Ltd.

Dangshan International Hotel Co. Ltd.

Hefei Xinya Groud Hotel

Anhui Taifeng Hotel Co. Ltd.

Hefwi jinke Zhongyi Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd.

AnQing YinBin Hotel

Tongyuan International Travel

Xieli International Travel Agency

Chongqing Baxiang Shiguoyu Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Xinhai International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.

Saite International Travel Office

Huanqiu Business International Travel Agency

Shenlin International Travel Agent

Jianghe International Travel Co., Ltd.

Yueyang Jinhai Hotel

Hainan Airlines Shareholding Co. Ltd.

The Pan Pacific Wuxi Grand Hotel Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Songcheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Lanzhou Miandu Majia Ladian Food Co. Ltd.

Beijing Dasanyuan Hotel Co. Ltd.

The Orient Sunny Co. Ltd.

Ningbo New Garden Hotel Co., Ltd.

China Swan International Tours

China Light Industrial Corp. for Foreign Economic & Technical Corp.

Shenzhen Century Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd.

Sara Hotel

Beijing Dongzhimen International Apartment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Guangming Hotel Co., Ltd.

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