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Chongqing Lisong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Lisong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., was founded in 1998, specialized in hydroelectric generating sets and auxiliary equipments, such as Pelton Turbine, Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, governor, automation system and etc. With technology development and scale extension, we can design and manufacture hydroelectric generating set based on water head from 2 meters to 1500 meters, including turbine runner with diameter 0.5 meter to 5 meters, generator with unit capacity 500KW to 100MW. Our company has unique view on the design of Pelton Turbine, Francis Turbine and Kaplan Turbine. Our hydroelectric generating sets are exported to Turkey, Chile, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Peru and etc., we satisfy our clients with high quality and competitive price. Our main products: 500KW Generator, hydro generator, over 500KW Generator, Electrical Equipment & Supplies, Alternative Energy Generator, Energy, Electricity Generation, Two Nozzles Pelton Turbine, Four Nozzles Pelton Turbine, Six Nozzles Pelton Turbine, Vertical shaft Pelton Turbine, Horizontal Pelton Turbine, Horizontal Francis Turbine/Unit, Vertical Francis Turbine/Unit, Francis Unit, 1MW Turbine generator, Hydro power plant, Hydro power turbine, Hydraulic Ball Valve, Electric Ball Valve, Pelton Runner, Francis Runner, Kaplan Runner, Spiral Case, Distributor, Generator Stator, Horizontal Generator Shaft, Main Transformer, Control Cubicle, Exciter Cubicle/Excitation System, Switching House, Protection Cubicle, Automation System, Computer Monitoring&Protection System.

  • Electricity production
  • Power stations, hydroelectric
  • Hydraulic engines and turbines...
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