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Shanghai Jiuxie Machinery Co.,Ltd.

We are a professional manufacturer of the Precision machining parts in china, We mainly produce machine parts, welding parts, bending parts and casting parts. Our parts are used on automation production lines, hi-techsicentific machines, packing machines, medical machines and optical machines etc. Our precision parts are exported to United States ,Europe,Japan etc. At the mean time, we also provide serivce for purchasing electrical parts and assembly work for our customers. Our products: Custom precision parts Aluminium milling parts exporter Turning parts manufacturer CNC milling parts Lathing parts from Shanghai China made custom machine parts Mechanical parts Precision machining parts CNC machining parts Stainless steel machine parts Stainless steel welding parts Carbon steel parts Steel precision parts 6061 precision parts exporter CNC precision parts CNC turning parts OEM precision parts Sheet metal parts production Metal bending parts Carbon steel bending parts OEM parts as per your drawings Aluminium parts machining Precision gear parts Bronze precision parts Copper machining parts Alloy steel precision parts Anodizing alumium parts Quatz parts production Ceramic precision parts Titanium machining parts Plastic mechanical parts Peek machining parts exporter PA precision parts supplier Machine parts assembly China made industrial robot parts Machine parts for food packing machine Jigs and fixtures Precision parts for medical machines Alumium casting parts Steel casting parts Metal welding parts High quality stainless steel welding parts SUS304 precision parts SUS316 milling parts 5052 CNC milling parts 6082 CNC turning parts 45# Carbon steel welding parts 17-4PH precision parts Mechanical parts production Custom machine parts Screwing fixing equipment assembly Sheet metal welding table Roll forming machine assembly Robotic arms for auto production line Measuring equipments

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  • Iron castings and parts
  • Turned products, metal
  • Turned parts, ferrous metals and alloys...

Zhenjiang Quanmei Mechanical & Electrical Products Co., Ltd.

Quanmei is a professional supplier who offers precision CNC machining, sheet metal, stamping, die casting and small injection mould components in good quality. We has been devoting ourselves to be a respective and world class precision manufacturer since the establishment. The company has invested CNC machining center & CNC lathe from HASS (USA), Brother(Japan), Kitammura(Japan), and some other lathe, milling, grinding, and testing machine etc. There are also stamping, shearing, bending, welding, tapping, wire cutting, drilling, and testing machine for sheet metal and moulds, so that we can offer the processing demand from different customers. Quanmei has a very young and capable team, average age is 30 and 85% employees has a junior colleague diploma. There are enough talents, we hire professional from university and training colleague every year, and became practice base for Jiangsu University, Wuxi vocational colleague & Jiangsu Jinshan Colleague. Quality is the life, we has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system. Not only the perfect quality system, also our quality department is equipped with CMM, image measuring meter, height gauge, micrometer, thread gauge, calliper and measuring table. Guarantee the products quality through quality system, personnel and equipments. Focus on product detail, meet customer needs, make us became excellent supplier of Mindray Medical, XCMG, Daqo group, Hyundai industry, Guangnin marine. And provides good products and service for many foreign companies like PLANMECA、GMS、LOGAN、ALFALAVAL. 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Supplier of:

  • Basic metal products
  • Non-ferrous metal castings and parts
  • Die-castings, gravity, non-ferrous...
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