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Beijing Guangshi Xintong S&T Development Co. Ltd.

Hunan Sunner Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Hubei Kelin Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Tin Chung Lighting & Audio Service Co. Ltd.

Pingdingshan Lipai Electric Installing Engineering Co. Ltd.

China Railway International Group Co., Ltd.

China Network United Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Dingfeng Jiajing Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd.

Jiangxi Longteng Decorative Design Engineering Co. Ltd.


Shenzhen ChengGuangXing Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Nantong Xinhua Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Hunan Jun An Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Rich-Chang Lianchuang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhongbang Hezhong Air-conditioner Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Yifashengye Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Huayang Xuezhu Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Jirong Taifeng Air-conditioner & Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Jianyang Kaide Air-conditioner Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Yi'an Tianchang Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Jutailong Co. Ltd.

Beijing Kangquan Huatai Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Hengxinda Refrigeration Technology Co. Ltd.

AST Refrigeration and Solar Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Beijing Qibaoliang Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Hengfeng Hengye Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Jiajue Science and Trade Co. Ltd.

Hubei Hengantai Guandao Xunhu Co. Ltd.

Hebi Jinyuan Building Construction Engineering Co. Ltd.

Beijing Qingdajiayin Acoustic Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Fu Mita Building Decoration Co. Ltd.

Beijing Xinziran Golf Course Design Co. Ltd.

Beijing Dongbang Xintong S&T Development Co., Ltd.

Nantong Wujian Holdings Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Weiqi Luyan Cultural Media Co. Ltd.

Puyang Guangyu Construction Co. Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Changde Decoration Co. Ltd.

Jingmen Guangcai Technology Development Co. Ltd.


Zhangjiajie Pinshang Decorative Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Puyou Electronic Appliance Co. Ltd.

Jiaozuo Shangqiu Guoji Construction and Installation Co. Ltd.

Beijing Senways Zhongchuang S&T Co. Ltd.

Beijing Dongfang Best Environmental Engineering Technology Co. Ltd.


Shaoyang Nanfang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang New Building Materials Engineering Co. Ltd.

Jizhou Dongding Chemical Equipment Trade Co., Ltd

Beijing Ever Source Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Beijing Tongfang Kexun Tech Development Co. Ltd.

Xiaogan Yuanteng Steel Building Co. Ltd.

Puyang Zhongyuan Oilfield Construction Engineering Co. Ltd.

Henan Fuxin Anti-Corrosion Co., Ltd.

Henan Changxing Equipment Protection Co. Ltd.

Nantong Installation Group Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Lacquerwork Factory

Beijing Zhongguang Shihangtong Trading Co. Ltd.

Beijing Qinyuxing Culture Arts Co. Ltd.

Chirui Trade Co. Ltd.

Beijing Municipal Road & Bridge Group Co. Ltd.

Hainan Nanyu Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Feitu Art Design Co. Ltd.

Beijing Hongguang Sound Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Yongqing Environmental Protection Technology Engineernig Co. Ltd.

Hubei Sunline Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Senyu Logistic Trade Co. Ltd.

Henan Hongye Construction (Group) Co. Ltd.

Xuchang Zhongyuan Building Group Co. Ltd.

Beijing Zenith Technology Co., Ltd.

Henan Yuleng Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hunan Wanlong Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd.

Changsha YC Cleaning Service Co. Ltd.

Henan Anyiming Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd.

Hebei Huihuang Refrigeration Installation Engineering Co. Ltd.

Hebei Hangong Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Shengbing Refrigeration Equipment Installation Co. Ltd.

Zhengzhou Yuxin Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Longrui Tengyi Agriculture S&T Co. Ltd.


Beijing Litian Dacheng Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd.

Hunan Zhongzhu Engineering Co. Ltd.

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